Supporting the Community of Stainers

Helping Stainers Learn and Share

One of the most gratifying aspects of being a concrete stainer is the sense of community that exists among stainers. Whether do-it-yourselfers who get to admire their handiwork every day in their homes or businesses or professional stainers and decorative concrete contractors who have added staining to their portfolios, all show a remarkable willingness to help each other out. Solving technical problems, letting others know about a new sealer or a new source for stains are just a few of the ways the community of stainers offers mutual support.

My blog is a platform from which I can broadcast the latest news of the industry. My newsletters from past years contain an enormous wealth of experience for pros and those just starting out alike.

So welcome and please join and contribute to the community. Your time and efforts will be well rewarded by the thanks and appreciation of those who you have helped.