The concrete slab: flat, dull, gray, blemished with the residue of the construction process. Something to just cover up with tile or carpet.

No more. Now the mundane concrete slab, the largest contiguous surface in the structure, can be an extraordinary canvas on which to create rich colors, tones and highlights and visually tie all of the hues, textures, and planes of the interior together into an integrated whole. The staining process is so flexible that the slab can become a striking visual centerpiece of a room or structure or a softly muted harmony showcasing other features of the space.

In addition, the staining process can yield complex geometric designs, and even maps, logos, and family crests, at a fraction of the cost of terrazzo or tile. We have recently been integrating petroglyphs, leaves and other images into our floors as we continue to push the boundaries of the medium.

In short, the lowly concrete slab has come to life as an integral part of the creative design process for custom and semi-custom homes, restaurants, commercial and public buildings.

We at Faux Real understand this because we are all professional artists who have turned our attention and talents to this creative medium. Our role is to collaborate with you to help you realize your creative vision with our in-depth knowledge of both the range and limitations of the acid stained concrete medium.

If you'll explore the images on this site, you'll begin to see the amazing range of possibilities in the hands of skilled artists.

We are fully licensed and bonded contractors and, while our work has been primarily in the Southwest, we have done projects in other parts of the country and are available to travel to your site. In addition, we can provide consulting service. We look forward to talking with you about how acid stained concrete can enhance your next project. Call Gaye Goodman at 505-246-9954.