Client List

This is a listing of some of our clients. Most recent are listed first. Please call the named contact for a recommendation.

Newcombe Residence
Dolores, Colorado
Jay Cruzan, Contractor
Contact: Jay Cruzan (970) 882-7271 Description:  An Indian Health Services administrator remembered our work for him on the Alamo Wellness Center years ago. He is retiring to a small town in Colorado and building a new house. He wanted us to include the colors he could see from his picture window in the fall. We made a two- day trip up in advance to do stain samples. We used Cohill’s Bronze color with Increte Turquoise accents (made darker with sprinkles of Miracle Grow crystals) and touches of Terracotta Clay.  (Completed November, 2013)
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Aragon Patios Refurbished
Bear Restoration, Contractor
Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Jeff Hayes, Bear Restoration (505) 888-1164
Descriiption: This was and unusual job. The original house had burnt to the ground when the owners were away on vacation. The patios surrounding the house had been stained a fairly dark brown color and sealed, but were spotted with efflorescence and damage from smoke and standing puddles of water. Faux Real was hired to clean and restore the patios. In some places we could use dyes to color hazy white spots, but in others we had to use acrylic paints. We applied two coats of Sheen C-40 clear sealer to protect our work. (Completed October, 2013)
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Ryan Remodel
La Cienega area
Santa Fe, NM
Jim King, Builder
Contact: Jim King (505) 975-6801
Description: The owners were remodeling an old pottery workshop into a guest suite with living area, bath and kitchen. They requested a combination of 70% brown with 30% blue to look like stained floors with tourquoise insets. We used two layers of Cohill’s stains and lots of faux painting to achieve the effect. (Completed October, 2013)

Schimberg Residence
Steve Williams, Architect/Builder
Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Owner contracted with us. Telephone is private.
Description: Faux Real stained the original floors of this home by the Bosque in 2006. It was integrally-colored (pink) and stamped with a slate texture. At the builder’s request we stained it to a brown and green blend. The master suite was a flat gray slab which was carpeted. By 2013 the owner wanted to upgrade the master suite by removing the carpet and having us stain the floors with Cohill’s Toasted Almond stain. (Completed August, 2013)
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Villa Residence
Homewise Builders
Santa Fe, NM
Contact: Owner contracted with us directly, since builder refused to stain floors.
Description: We were asked to clean and stain 1100 square feet of a cracked and spalled slab which had been poured the previous winter. The builder had planned for the floors to be covered with carpet. The new owner wanted a pale, lightly stained floor. Fortunately, the slab was beautifully marked by “curing blankets” which had been applied soon after the slab was placed.  All our work was in the preperation. We used a diluted version of Cohill’s Rustic Brown stain and sealed with a water-based sealer at owner’s request. The owner is a rockhound who loves the stonelike appearance. (Completed May, 2013)
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Ruddy Restoration
Santa Fe, NM
Contact: Owners were DIYs who want telephone numbers kept private.
Description:  The owners had bought a house with dark, painted floors. They stripped them back to gray. Faux Real was asked to fill holes and cracks, clean and seal the floors so that they would look like “natural gray concrete floors.”  This required a good deal of faux painting over patches and rough spots so that all would blend well together. (Completed April, 2013)

L. Martin Addition
Prull & Associates, Builders
Las Companas, NM
Contact: Prull & Associates:
Description: Faux Real was hired to stain the floor of a trophy room addition and to match it to existing stained floors in an older home (not done by us). The clients hired us directly to patch, faux paint abrasions and reseal all the old stained floors as well. (Completed February, 2013)

Lee Patio
Synergy Builders
Corrales, NM
Contact: Jason Howard, Synergy Builders (505) 269-6460
Description: We stained a 600 square foot patio working around an inlaid pebble walkway and built-in cooking island.  Also stained the concrete counters around the outdoor grill. (Completed December 2012)

Monte’s Pipe Shop
Faux Real LLC
Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Matthew Monte, Owner (505) 881-7999
Description: This was a small (60 square foot) store entry area which needed to be demolished and restructured. We contracted out the new slab placement and did by hand a detailed Gurkha Cigar logo, which we inlaid before one doorway. (Completed September, 2012)
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Anderson- Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Restoration
City of Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Ms. Marilee Nason, Director (505) 768-6029
Description: Faux Real did the original staining on the floors of the hot- air Balloon Museum in 2005, but heavy traffic and lax maintenance took a heavy toll.  Some areas of the floor were abraded down to gray and inlaid entry designs rendered illegible. We could only work on Mondays when the museum was closed.  After several months of stripping and re-painting, the floor designs looked better than they were originally. (Completed June, 2012)
view photos & see blog entitled “Benign Neglect”

Streams Residence
Mountain Architects Inc. & Precision Craft
Mimbres, NM
Contact: Dan Geis (208) 493-2698
Description:  A couple from the east coast was retiring to land they bought near Silver City, NM. They built a log home with a sunken “Africa Room.” We painted the stair risers down to this room with African motifs after staining them. We stained a Mimbres Pottery design into the entryway, as well as the ground floor of the house and a tack room in the barn. About 2200 sq. ft. with patios. (Completed June, 2012)
view photos & see blog entitled “Adding Folk Art to Floors and Steps”

Dragoo Residence
Estancia, NM
Contact: Homeowners (private number)
Description: The owners had seen our floors at Albuquerque Lighting and wanted that look. We tried diluting Scofield’s Dark Walnut stain, but it became too orange on their slab. We experimented with small addition of Black, which gave them the subtle tan colors they wanted. (Completed May, 2012)

Fletcher Residence
Chiaroscuro Complex
Santa Fe, NM
Contact: Aqui / Caroline Morgan Vacation Rentals (505) 984-8885
Description:  An 11 year-old adobe home was being enlarged and the original floors refurbished. The slab was integrally-colored red and under ceramic tile. The tile-setting compound had been ground off, leaving circular marks along the walls. The owner wanted to avoid placement of an overlayment, but wanted the grinder marks obscured. By sanding and acid-etching the rooms, we managed to accomplish that! The client was so pleased that she paid us more than we billed. (Completed March, 2012)
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Tanner Residence
Homewise Homes
Santa Fe, NM
Contact: Faux Real contracted directly with the homeowner (numbers kept private).
Description: The Homewise Company has begun building small tracts of mid-price homes in Santa Fe. Since these are NOT custom built homes, the builder insists on carpeting the floors before turning them over to the purchaser, even though the buyers state that they will stain most their floors prior to move-in.  We had to spend 47 labor-hours removing painter’s overspray along walls and filling holes from the carpet pad tack strip. We used two Increte Stain colors mixed on the slab. The concrete had wonderful natural patterns, so no plastic was necessary.  (Completed March, 2012)
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E. Chant Residence
Chant Associates
Corrales, NM
Contact: Chant Associates (Ethan) (505) 938-2406
Description: We had done a small commercial job for this company. When the son built an addition onto his old adobe home, he called us in to stain 450 sq. ft. of area where an old slab (partially ground down) adjoined a new one. We used a dilute version of Scofield’s Dark Walnut with thin plastic laid into it. The ground-down areas took very little stain and had to be dyed or faux painted to match new areas of slab. (Completed September, 2011)
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Los Luceros Kitchen
La Mesilla Construction
Espanola, NM
Contact: John Young (505) 927-6513
Description: An historic adobe estate was being refurbished to create a filmmakers’ meeting center and workshop. We were called in to stain the new slab in the kitchen. This was an easy job, except for masking the legs of the stainless steel work tables which had already been installed on the slab. That took us longer than the staining. We used a three-color mix of stains. (Completed August, 2011)
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Sorenson Patios
Albuquerque, NM
Description: We stained three old adjoining slabs (and one was integrally colored pink) to look like one unified area. (The patio was surrounded by blooming flowers we preferred not to kill). We also stained a long flight of old concrete stairs down to a lower level. The patio looked newly-formed when we finished. 600 sq. ft.(Completed August, 2011)

Haley Residence
Albuquerque, NM
Contact: homeowners DIY builders
Description: In the year 2000 we stained the Haley home, but the bedrooms were carpeted. The owners updated ten years later by removing the carpet and patching the three bedroom floors. We did our best to match the Weathered Bronze Scofield stain color we’d used, but that color no longer “splits” into green and brown, so we mixed other colors together and were able to make a fairly close match. The clients were very happy. (Completed June, 2011)

King Residence
Santa Fe, NM
Contact: Daniel Buck Construction (505) 660-8383
Description: The clients were adding on to their old kitchen slab a brand new slab to double the size of their living/kitchen area. They wanted us to stain the new slab a very pale color which would match the older, yellower slab at the far end of the room. Then we were to patch numerous holes, faux paint them away and seal the floors. Clients wanted the illusion of one unified, unstained, but sealed gray slab. We had to use dyes instead of acid stains to make the match, but we succeeded. We later returned to stain a new bunkhouse.  (Completed March, 2010)

Snowden Residence
Koinonia Builders
Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Paul McDonald, Builder (505) 249-8634
Description: Faux Real stained 1100 sq. ft. of floors in the living room and bedrooms in a mixture of four Increte stain colors with plastic sheeting laid in for visual texture. We did 4 sets of samples for the client before deciding on the best proportion of each color. (Completed June, 2010)
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Southwestern College Art Building
Kreger Design-Builders
Santa Fe, NM
Contact: Bob Kreger (505) 660-9391
Description: Faux Real stained 1300 sq. ft. of floors in an unusual combination of colors (blue and diluted walnut). The tricky part of the job was patching many areas of spalled concrete with a fine microtopping which would accept stain, but not appear grainy on the slickly troweled floor. (Completed January, 2010)

Scott Residence
Castle Valley, Utah
Contact: None- we value our client’s privacy.
Description: We stained the floors of the greatroom, which had a wall of high glass windows looking out on the fantastic stone monuments in the valley. We consulted with the DIY client beforehand, brought all supplies and did the staining and sealing in the winter. (Completed December, 2009)
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Labyrinth at St. Paul’s Peace Church
Las Vegas, New Mexico
Contact: John  E. Ridder, Jr. (317) 842-2997 or see
Description: We stained the background color for a 480 sq. ft. outdoor walking labyrinth at the church, the pattern for which was laid out by John Ridder. We then stained and sealed the linear pattern and sealed with four coats of Dayton’s J-35 Tuffseal. (Completed September, 2009) 
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Panorama Homes’ Mountain Casita
The Paa-Ko Development
Highway 14 East of Albq.
Contact: John Lowe at Panorama Builders (505)688-6834
Description: We stained 2200 sq. ft. on the ground floor of a model home in time for a showing in the Parade of Homes. Contractor requested we stain the floors black and apply two coats of Elite Crete’s Reflector Enhancer (copper-shift coloring powder) mixed into the solvent sealer topcoat.The home won a prize in the Parade. (Completed September, 2009)
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Cathers Home Builders
Razzore-Rossein Residence
Aspen Valley, Colorado
Contact: Mark Doherty & Rick Atchinson, builders, (970) 379-1851
Description: Faux Real consulted and trained the builders’ crew on the staining of 3100 sq. ft. of black floor at this dream home with 360-degree mountain views of the Aspen Valley. (Completed August, 2009)
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Karas Residence
Albuquerque Foothills area
New Mexico
Contact: Private client
Description: A small covered patio (requiring the removal of a curing compound) was stained brown after the application of a latex resist which created a Japanese design as the centerpiece of the slab. (Completed June, 2009)
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Griess Residence
Paa-Ko Village
Sandia Park, NM
Contact: High Mountain Home Builders, D. Engelmann, (505) 286-4088
Description: We cleaned, filled cracks, and sealed an unstained concrete floor for the clients who adhered to a minimalist Japanese esthetic. (Completed June, 2009)
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California Industrial Rubber
1690 Sierra Avenue
Yuba City, California 95993
Contact: Dean Webb, Contractor (530) 633-4072
Description: Offices and boardroom in a new warehouse space (1000 sq. ft.) with dark walnut borders paralleling the walls. (Completed May, 2009)
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Nature Pointe Clubhouse
Avenida Allegre off Sedillo Road
Tijeras, NM
Contact: Alex Leonard, Developer (505) 450-2384
Description: The 7600 sq. ft. pueblo-style clubhouse of a new community being built in the East Mountains. Includes artist-drawn buck logo in contrasting colors in the entry.
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Labyrinth for Cathedral Church of St. John
318 Silver SW
Albuquerque, NM 87103
Contact: Douglas R. Bailey, Jr. Warden St. John’s (505) 342-3368
Description: A 361 sq. ft. circular walking labyrinth designed by John Ridder and executed in two colors of acid stain by Faux Real for the new central courtyard at St.Johns. (Completed May, 2008)
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Precision Eye Center
800 Paseo del Norte NE
Albuquerque, NM 87122
Contact: Dee Durano, Builder (505) 264-1341
Description: A 2850 sq. ft. showroom and office space featuring amber acid stain with alfalfa used for calligraphic visual texture. (Completed March, 2008)
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Equestrian Center
Deer Canyon Preserve
Mountainair, New Mexico
Contact: Jack Anderson at J.C. Anderson Construction, (505) 830-0313
Description: A tack room and lounge of 1000 sq. ft. adjoining the stables. (Completed February, 2008)

Glenwood Lofts
Montgomery and Tramway
Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Kenny Hinkes, Developer/Builder, (505) 255-4755
Description: A gated community of 24 townhomes, all with stained concrete on the ground floor. Buyers selected one of four colors. Example in photo is red Cemtint over brown acid stain . 21,024 Sq. ft. total. (Completed 2006 through Sept. 2007)
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Los Alamos County Fire Department – Entry Logo
State Highway 4
Los Alamos, NM 87544
Contact: Michael Montalvo, liaison (505) 662-8329
Description: A full color logo 8’ wide on a stained floor in the entrance lobby of the new firehouse. (Completed August, 2007)
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The Center for Prenatal Development
4010 Montgomery NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Contact: Ed Becker with Britton Construction, (505) 268-2626
Description: We stained 2500 sq. ft. of exam rooms in an ultrasound facility using alfalfa for texturing and dark walnut borders out from the walls in each room. (Completed June, 2007)
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A. Louck Residence
Old Pecos Trail Estates
Sant Fe, NM
Contact : Housemakers, Chip Evans, Builder, (505) 470-9002
Descrption: We stained and sealed about 1500 sq. ft. of an architect's residence with a mixture of weathered Bronze and Antique Amber, laying veins and rags into the stain. (Originally stained in '99, New addition completed November of 2007)
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Rio Rancho Event Center
2400 30th Avenue
Rio Rancho, NM 87144
Contact: Steven D. Bell with Hunt Construction Group, (505) 765-9913
Description: Staining and sealing of 25,500 sq. ft. of entry floors and hallways surrounding a new hockey stadium and event center. (Completed October, 2006)
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Rivera Residence
North Albuquerque Acres
Albuquerque, NM
Contact: John Lowe, builder at Panorama Homes (505) 856-7372
Description: A 1500 sq. ft. exercise room and pool surround on the ground floor of new residence. Done in a mixture of weathered greens and blues. (Completed August, 2006)
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Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
4065 Bitter Lakes Road
Roswell, New Mexico
Contact: White Sands Construction, builder, (505) 437-7816
Description: We stained 3100 sq. ft. of flooring in a dramatic swamp overlook using browns and greens to mimic the view. (Completed July, 2006)
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Moriarty High School / New Addition
200 Center Avenue
Moriarty, NM 87035
Contact: Clay Gooden, Pres. Star Construction, (505) 823-1100
Description: A 10,000 sq. ft. project involving 4 colors in geometric patterns throughout science labs and hallways. (Completed Dec. 30, 2005)
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Alamo Wellness Center
Navajo Reservation
Alamo, New Mexico
Contact: Darryl Sam at Sam Wadsworth Construction, Mesa AZ (602) 618-1030
Description: A 5,000 sq. ft. project involving extensive crack repair and veined texturing with plastic. An epoxy-urethane sealer was applied at finish. (Completed Dec. 6, 2005)
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PSJ Builders – Cullen Residence
Diamond Tail Ranch
Placitas, NM
Contact: Builder Paul Joseph, (505) 362-3369
Description: A 1500 sq. ft. living area floor stained with blue-green colors and straw soaked in brown for a calligraphic look. (Completed Nov. 16, 2005)
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Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum
Balloon Museum Drive, off of Alameda
Contact: Jim Roupas with Gerald Martin. G.C., (505) 823-6838
Description: A 12,000 sq. ft. project with two colors and intricate balloon designs etched into the floor. Job completed in 15 days while other trades and forklifts rolled across our work! (Nov. 1, 2005)
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Diamond Tail Ranch / Model Home
109 Diamond Tail Road
Placitas, New Mexico 87043
Contact: Dan Dennison, Pres., (505) 771-2000
Description: A 1500 sq. ft. floor using ground corncobs for mottled texture and 4 tints of sealer to create subtle differences between each scored block. (Oct. 4, 2005)
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Sierra West Sales
720-P St. Michael’s Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Contact: Kevin Hilton, Builder (505) 955-0923
Description: An 1800 sq. ft. appliance showroom stained with our special Molina Mix and plastic for a faux cork appearance. (Oct, 2005)
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A. Griego Residence
North Valley
Albuquerque, N.M.
Contact: D. Francis Construction, (505) 440-7052
Description: We stained the ground floor in a mixture of diluted dark walnut with small amounts of bronze added and thin plastic laid into the stain for our “cork floor effect.” (Completed July, 2005)
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Stevenson Residence
High Desert
Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Scott Patrick Homes (505) 828-9900
Description: A 2500 sq. ft. home with “alligator skin crackle” across the slab, which we emphasized by staining with a diluted black stain. (Completed June, 2005)
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The Santa Fe Arcade Shopping Plaza
60 East San Francisco Street
Contact: Jan Stoeppler with Cameron Construction (505) 988-7193 x225
Description: A 3-story indoor shopping arcade running from Water Street to the famous Santa Fe Plaza. Approximately 12,000 Sq. Ft. was stained in vivid turquoise hues. (Completed May 2004)
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J. Terrell Residence
Navajo Route 7
Chinle, Arizona
Contact: Joaquin Karcher, designer, (575) 758-9741
Description: A 3300 sq. ft. home with decorative saw cut borders and multicolored Navajo rug designs in several rooms. (Completed February, 2004)
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Earth Spirit Airport Gift Shop
Albuquerque International Airport
Contact: Cara McCulloch, AIA @ Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, (505) 761-9700
Description: Faux Real stained the original concrete slab of the old airport concourse, which included large patches of Ardex to make a unified “river” design across a green field according to architect’s specs. (Completed in June, 2003)

Express Scripts/Employee Lounge
6150 North 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ
Contact: Barry Williams, with DMJMH&N Architects (602) 337-2557
Description: Faux Real crew traveled to Phoenix to do a complicated multicolored stain design on the floor of an old warehouse with various slabs of concrete (old and new) in the employee break room area. Crew completed the job in four days. (March, 2003)

Café Duke
1450 Broadway
New York, NY 10018-2201
Contact: Andy Sung, Contractor HYPERLINK ""
Description: Faux Real owner, Gaye Goodman, consulted by phone with builder to gather supplies and crew for a 5,000 square foot restaurant remodel project in New York’s theater district. She then flew there and supervised design, color choice, staining and final sealing using local workers for four days. (Feb. 2003)

PNM Skybox
Isotopes Ballpark Stadium
Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Jan Bernson, Designer at Iron Horse Design Group (505) 244-9167
Description: Faux Real was hired to stain the floor of the local electric company’s luxury skybox, featuring their seven-foot logo etched into the entry to simulate an ancient petroglyph. (Feb. 2003)
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Demijohn Residence
San Pedro Creek Estates
Sandia Park, NM
Contact: Diane Menapace, builder (505) 856-5850
Description: A 2300 sq. ft. home with maple leaves embossed into the slab and highlighted by faux painting on a bronze and amber stained background. (Completed January, 2003)
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Indulge—A Beauty Euphoria
851 Cerillos Road
Santa Fe, NM
Contact: Debbie Chapman of Chapman Homes (builder) (505)983-8100
Description: Faux Real stained and sealed 1800 sq. ft. of floors for an upscale salon. (Jan. 2003)
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Avila Business Office
5001 Ellison Avenue
Albuquerque, NM
Contact: John or Kathleen Avila (505) 341-3753
Description: Faux Real did decorative staining on an old office building slab which had settled badly, including a crack called “the Grand Canyon” which bisected the building. We leveled and faux-painted the cracks to enhance the variegated marble design of the floors. (August, 2002)
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Connoley Residence
High Desert
Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Westwork Architects, Cindy A. Terry, (505) 884-5252
Description: A saw-cut slab stained with black and dark walnut (2300 sq. ft.) to reflect the client’s sculpture and art collection. (Completed July, 2002)
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Plazuela Vigil
411 Romero Ave.
Old Town, Albuquerque
Contact: Robert Ruth, builder, with Sunbelt Properties (505) 480-8159
Description: Decorative stain and sealing of 4500 square foot shopping plaza in Old Town. (April 2002)

Jersey Jack’s Eatery
4320 The 25 Way, Ste. 650
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Contact: Rico Tanuz, Owner (505)249-6637 or Suzanne Williams, Builder (505)450-8286
Description: Faux Real stained 2000 sq. ft. of entry and dining room floors in deli, using thin plastic laid into wet stain to create darker shapes. (April, 2002)
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Nothing but Noodles
11225 Montgomery Blvd. NE, Ste. A
Albuquerque, NM 87111
Contact: Andy Hart of Hart Construction, (505)345-4001
Description: Faux Real stained 870 sq. ft. of public area surrounding central dining room, sealed and waxed a very old damaged slab which had previously been under tile. (March, 2002)

Dutchman Residence
Corrales, New Mexico
Contact: Private Client
Description: A 2400 sq. ft. floor in bronze, ambers and blues using various colors and borders in separated areas. Rags and veins used for visual texture. We later did three other spec homes for this client. (Completed February, 2002)
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Tucano’s Brazilian Grill
c/o Gear & Condon Construction
11728 Linn Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87123
Contact: Art Logan-Condon (505)293-5256
Description: Faux Real drew out and stained multi-colored curvilinear patterns on 5,000 sq. ft. restaurant floor and sealed with special penetrating, non-skid sealer. (Dec. 2001) NOTE: Floor poorly maintained by owners.

Rio Grande Montessori School
c/o Mayan Construction Company
P.O. Box 9823
Albuquerque, NM 87119
Contact: Josh Chavez or Carlos (505)345-8944
Description: We stained an indoor-outdoor arts and crafts room floor at the school. (Nov. 2001)

Sun Valley Commercial Center
c/o Brown Development Corp.
1118 Park Avenue SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Contact: Bob Kitts, supervisor (505)341-2284
Description: Faux Real removed old stain and restained an office entry floor which had not been done correctly. We also stained an elevator lobby in another area. (September, 2001)

Talking Hands Giftshop
Phoenix International Airport
c/o John & Kathleen Avila
8529 Rio Grande Blvd.
Albuquerque, NM 87114
Contact: John Avila, Owner (505)792-1778
Description: Decorative Staining of concrete floor of new 860 sq. ft. gift shop at airport terminal. (Oct. 2000)

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall
Solana Beach, California
c/o Greg Brown or Karen Bullette
P.O. Box 201
Solana Beach, California 92075
Contact: Greg Brown, architect (760)436-7410
Description: Our crew traveled to California and stayed one week to design, clean and stain a 2,000 sq. ft. floor for the Unitarian Universalist Church to use as a meeting and events hall. (August, 2000)

Corrales Winery
6275 Corrales Road
Corrales, NM
Contact: Keith & Barbara Johnstone (505) 898-1819
Description: We stained the floor of the tasting room and entry using veins and rags to simulate marble. (May, 2000)
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TVI Support Services Building
TVI Campus, Albuquerque, NM
Shumate Constructors, Inc.
4954 Fairfax NW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114-0000
Contact: Mark Shumate (505) 823-1218
Description: stained concrete floor of main hallway in the new Support Services Building. (Jan. 1999)
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Gatherings and Starbuck’s
9821 Montgomery Blvd.
Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Mike Kerr of Shumate Constructors (505) 884-6234
Description: Faux Real hired to stain 3 storefront floors of the Korber Building – a gift shop, beauty salon and coffee shop. Different floor patterns and colors were designed for each shop. Over 4500 Sq. ft. total (March 1998).
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Albuquerque Lighting
2100 Osuna NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113
Contact: David May, Dir. of Marketing (505) 345-2727
Description: Faux Real stained 3800 sq.ft. in a new showroom addition to their old building on Osuna Road (October 1998).
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Route 66 Elementary School
Moriarty, New Mexico
Contact: Tom Cole, builder (505) 898-8698
Description; Staining of 4400 square feet of hallway at Route 66 Elementary School. The floor was done to look like an aerial view of the states traversed by old Rt. 66 including state borders and dashed road lines. (October 1998)
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The Elk Mountain Lodge
c/o Terry Stright
37485 Highway 126
Jemez Springs, NM 87025
Contact: Owner and Manager Terry Stright (505) 829-3159
Description: Faux Real designed borders for and stained all floors in two new guest cabins. (June, 1998)

Las Campanas Spa & Tennis Club
c/o Klinger Constructors
8701 Washington, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113
Contact: Ray Smith, V.P. – (505) 856-8206
Description: Staining of 10,000 sq.ft. of hallways and gathering rooms at a country club in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Floor cut into 4-foot squares and each square patterned to look like a separate piece of limestone. (December, 1998)
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The J & R Vintage Auto Museum
Joiner Construction Company
1070 Verana Road
Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87174
Contact: Evonna Joiner (505) 892-1311
Description: Faux Real stained entryway and bookstore of an auto museum using a three-colored design from a Renaissance painting. (May, 1996)
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O’Hare’s Grille & Pub
P.O .Box 45063
Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87174-5063
Contact: Michael Hughes (505) 896-0123
Description: Faux Real stained restaurant floors and did “faux plaster” look on walls of a restaurant remodel on a sixty year-old slab. (December, 1995)
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