As a contractor you have a tough job: turn the architect's vision into tangible reality in a cost effective way to delight your client and meet your client's budget and schedule. A powerful tool in your value-engineering kit can be acid staining for the concrete slab in your projects.

From the pictures on this site you can get a feel for the amazing range of looks acid staining can create. The best part is that acid staining is less expensive than tile and far more durable than carpet. It also can usually be done in less elapsed time than extensive tile work, making it easier to schedule into jobs.

The key to success with stained concrete is working with a subcontractor who has extensive practical experience with both the staining of concrete and working with general contractors. We understand your issues. We are professional artists by training and experience. We are also fully licensed and bonded professional subcontractors and have worked on a very wide variety of new and remodel construction jobs. We would be happy to refer you to some of the contractors with whom we have worked who can vouch for our professionalism and integrity.

If acid staining is in your plans for a project, we encourage you to involve your stainer as early as possible to be sure the slab is properly specified. Job scheduling needs to account for stain-penetration time, post-stain cleaning and drying times, and clear seal and waxing times. Even a tiny 100 square-foot job will take four days, due to these factors. It is also important to know how to protect the floor when the other trades are on the site.

Our work has primarily been in the Southwest but we have done projects in other parts of the country. We are willing to travel to your site and can still be competitive. Give Gaye Goodman a call at 505-246-9954 to talk about your next concrete staining project.