Short of native stone, nothing can compare with the textural richness and depth of color given by stained concrete which costs a tiny fraction of stone. And you have much more control over the colors and shading of the floor. Acid staining your concrete slab will add more value to your home or building, for less cost, than any other floor treatment.

With modest maintenance, your floor will look great for decades, as the stain permanently and chemically reacts with the concrete. Look at the photos on this site and you will get a feel for the range of expression that is possible. In addition, we can do company logos, family crests, and creative geometric designs in the floor for much less than comparable treatment in tile or terrazzo.

At Faux Real, we are professional artists who have turned our talent and attention to this rich and interesting medium. We are also professional, licensed and bonded contractors with years of experience in working in the complex environment of a job site. We will work with your architect and general contractor to give you a stunning look at a very reasonable price. We are not the cheapest stainers, just the best.

While the majority of our work has been in the Southwest, we have done projects in other parts of the country. We are available to travel to your site anywhere in the US or internationally. We would be happy to discuss your project. We are also available for consultation either by phone or on-site to help you get the very best result possible. Please call Gaye Goodman at 505-246-9954.